Why are guy's so jealous?

I am in relationship with this guy who has a really close friend , i mean they stay together the whole day and stuff.. they are like very close. The other day i was talking to another guy from my college n he started complimenting me like in a general way ( he likes me though ) n i told my boyfriend about it n now he is so jealous about it. He won't talk to me. Okay so i was always jealous of him and his friend n last night he was sort of teasing me by talking about her so I started talking about my friend and thats something he can't handle. Why is it okay for him to do one thing n not okay for me to do the same. Ps that girl likes my boyfriend


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  • Don't generalize every guy because of your experience with one. That one specific guy is insecure and that's why he is jealous. Not every guy is insecure and jealous of others.


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  • He's a hypocrite and seems immature. Tell him to grow up and don't do stuff to you that he wouldn't want you to do to. him.


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  • Jealousy is the Law of love.

    Hakkı Bulut

  • Thats just how guys are


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