In the EARLY stages of ONLINE dating or talking to someone, are canceling & rescheduling and responding off and on to messages typical & accetable?

I've read an article recently that stated you shouldn't take early stages of dating, especially online, seriously. The thing is, I have had it quite a few times where guys want to meet right away and adhere to such plans, but then there are guys who keep postponing meeting (for the FIRST time) or simply don't respond to some messages, and even I have had guys not talk to me for a week or 2 and then all of a sudden ask me out for the next day.
The thing is, when a guy ghosts and stops responding... I write him off.. And I get ticked off. I think it's rude and it leaves me wondering what I did. So when he comes back and asks me out like nothing... It's hard to be gung ho about inviting him back in. Or am I taking this all too seriously?


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  • I've gone through this with girls, the ones who usually flake on dates are the ones who take forever to respond to messages.

    As for your situation, you should probably take that advice.


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  • You're not taking it all too seriously. If you want a serious relationship, you shouldn't accept that kind of behavior. The ones who flake or respond too slow are usually the ones who are not very interested.