I need an advice. Should I move on to another guy or be patient and keep on believing things could go forward?

Met on facebook. Wished him a happy birthday. He messaged me. We went out on a date. Then another one. And another. He drove me home each time. We kissed. He wanted to meet my dad but i didn't introduce them to each other. We are three years apart. I haven't heard from him for ten days!! After the first two i was worried. Since he is a driver , i thought smth might have happened to him. So i called him. But he didn't answer. Then i sent him a message the next day. And then on the next day i asked him (again via message) if he is alright. He hasn't even opened those messages. I also sent him a few snapchats. He opened those. Found out through facebook that he is in another country right now with his friends ( :D ). Should i wait for him to message me? Or am i wasting my time. Its been exactly ten days


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  • You are wasting your time. This the most exciting time in a new relationship and it seems like he couldn't give a shit about it! Right now his friends are more important. I would forget this tool and move on, unless his phone is set up to not get messages when across the boarder for some reason.


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  • it takes two people to make a relationship work and he is not interested because if he was interested he would have contacted you and told you what he is doing. in my opinion you should not message him and just move on. it might seem hard but you will get over it after a few weeks

    • Thank you so much for replying and explaining. This reeeally helps me with doing it. Cause its another pov and im not biased :D
      Thank you

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  • He went to another country without telling you? You don't have anything with him.

    • I forgot to say he is there for a short vacation. He's gonna come back here. Does that matter?