Mixed messages from ex?

So I had been seeing this guy for 3 months and we got on so well and it was so good, he would often say how much he really liked me and hadn't liked someone like he liked me in a while. Last time i saw him was over a month ago and he was acting like we were going out. About a week after he just suddenly went ghost on me. He then messaged me about a month later saying hey sorry for being a dick and stuff and i asked him why he went ghost and he said he didn't know so i asked why is he popping up now and he just ignored it. About a week later I got VERY drunk and someone sent a few messages to him off my phone which didn't make sense apparently. He texted me popping up and i was still a bit drunk (apparently he was too) and we had a good convo with him replying fast and he said he misses me loads and wants to take me out to make up for his behaviour. I agreed and said i was busy this week and he said we'll go the week after. We exchanged a few messages after but then he ignored my message in the middle of a convo. It's been a week now and i'm so confused, why would he say all that then ignore me? I feel like I'm in love with this guy he's constantly on my mind and I don't know what to do I just want to get back with him but don't know how :(


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  • You women never learn. When a guy "ghosts" it means he found someone else. He came back to you when that relationship soured. You're a backup plan to him


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think he missed you as much as he said. He is either not that into you, or he's dating other girls.