We only go on group dates- what does this mean?

So i met this awesome guy about a month ago in DC, and we hit it off right away. That night he asked me for my phone number, and texted me. The next day he invited me to a party he was having (I unfortunately couldn't go, but appreciated the invite!). He has texted and called me almost everyday since we met, calls me names like 'gorgeous', and says we have so much in common! Since then, we have gone out twice, but here is my concern... The first time, it was his friends birthday, so he asked e to go out with them all during the day, and for a cookout to celebrate. We had a blast, and he had me text him to make sure I got home okay. The next time we "hung out" it was at his place on a weekend night with his roommate. We just stayed in, and all three of us had a good time, and I ended up staying the night. The next day, he mentioned we should 'all' get together again this weekend for another cookout. All of this is great, and I do like him-- but is it weird he hasn't asked me out on an actual date, or that we've never spent one-on-one time together? It's hard in this situation to tell if we're dating, or the dreaded "hanging out". Thank you for your help, all!


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  • He's too shy to be alone with you yet


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  • Maybe he still feels uncomfortable meeting you one-on-one. If you don't want to go out on group dates, you should mention it to him.