Girls, lets talk Loners; would / have you ever dated a loner? How was he like?

Topic is pretty self explanatory. Has anyone ever dated a loner before? I see guys who are loners every so often and they usually look like angry serial killers that are attractive for some weird reason. I kinda wonder how they're like dating wise. I can't imagine they're sociable and i'd imagine they have some problems and baggage. But on the other hand its kinda appealing being the only girl in some guys life and knowing you're his world. Thoughts?


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  • well i have dated a loner and it worked out really well for me and i will admit that loners do sometimes look like serial killers but everyone is different and you do not know what that loner may be like until you give him a chance within reason

    • Why did you call it off? Just out of curiosity.

    • it just did not work out as he had no friends and was clingy and it just got to much really not being able to have my own space


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  • When I was in high school I dated a guy who had no friends and never wanted them or talked to anyone. I found it kind of attractive surprisingly.