Girls, After a long time she finally found. Out I liked her back?

Me and a girl had abit of a flirting contest everyday on the way home. As I backed off she could tinier to stare, look me up and down , copy my actions , watch my every move. I started catching the train less often and noticed when I get on she would look sad and automatically look happier after seeing me get in after a while of not seeing me. So it continued. Due to work I got les and less frequent. so I was confused as once I sat near her and she looked at everyone but me in a anxious way so. Left it. Then 2 weeks later she smiled and shoved her named travel card in my face. So I seen her 2 months later and I stopped standing near her. She would check her hair, make up etc and purposly walk past to say hi and blush which she done roughly 3/4 times. So 2 months later I came back to make my move and she had a new boyfriend. She seen me and looked embarrassed and anxious. So I decided to comment on her CB photo without adding her. I seen her the day after she looked with a huge smile as I was getting my ticket. Then her boyfriend caught her and followed me into he same carriage. As he faced the other way she turned to face me with a huge smile biting her lips for quite some time. Until he faced back around she avoided. So I got off early and she sent me a message saying just because I seen her doesn't mean I can approach her and her brother is aware. And then blocked me as her be couldn't talk to me. So I sent a message via linked in 2 days later. Explaining I had noticed her patterns and was meaning to get to know her but couldn't due to work , and that I don't expect a response and I'm sorry and I hope in the future we may cross and get to know each other. So she hasn't blocked me she changed her photo immediately like someone at work took it the smile looks very much like the smile she had before. So i am quite confused as her actions are very mixed and don't add up really. I can't understand her at all so is she interested or


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  • No, she is not interested.