she's ignoring me out of nowhere... Opinions on what to do?

Me and this girl have known each other for a year through university but it was always a bit on and off due to various work stresses etc. Forward to this summer and we organise a date. The date went amazingly and ended up making out at the end. She text me when she got home and we spoke later that night. Over the next few days we talk but due to my work texting time is limited and id probably reply every two hoursish and occasionally would reply letting her know that I am too busy and would call her later. I ask her on a second date which she agrees to. During the period in between I keep up the minimum 1 hour texting response and things started to get very flirty, we spoke a few times on the phone when I was available and she would talk about meeting my parents and how she's shown her family pictures of us so I assumed things were moving in the right direction. Fast forward to a phone call two nights before our meet up and I mention that im seeing a band in a couple of months time which she then hinted at wanting to go to. Originally I wasn't going to do this but I thought why not and let her know that I managed to get her a ticket and she seemed very very happy. Later that evening I confirm the weekend just making sure that we are on and she says that she can't now due to various reasons (which were true- saw from her snapchat). I replied to this message saying not a problem and continued the conversation as normal. Fast forward to Sunday evening and I find out I have a day off on the Monday and i told her I was planning on coming down to see her for the day. She responds saying that her best friend is coming down and that she can't. I reply to this message saying "Youre clearly a very busy bee! So im going to put the ball in your court and ask when you are free!". She never replied to this message and its been 3 days of no contact now... Not really sure if I should just assume its finished or whether she's playing games or text her again... Please somebody help!



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  • If her best friend is in town, and they are usually apart from each other, there is no sense of obligation to literally anyone else. I can tell you this from experience. She's not playing games, it's just that you're not at the same priority level as her best friend. She'll let you know when she's free after he best friend goes home.

    • Her best friend was only with her for the day as they live together at uni and they both live locally to each other! Id like to think that as a possibility but surely she would say that or give me an alternate date if she really wanted to see me? If she doesn't get back to me what should I do? Thanks for the reply

    • I'm going to assume that she's busy with work. If she doesn't get back to you within a week, ask her if she wants to do something. "Hey, you never got back to me. Do you still want to go on another date?"

  • I'm a firm believer that people can definitely make time for you if you are important. She might be seeing someone else too...


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  • Did you do any wrong to her? If yes, then apologize , if no, fuck her, you wouldn't want someone who plays stupid games.

    • Literally nothing dude! That's why im so confused! It seemed to be that when I went out of my way to get the concert tickets that she hinted at wanting to go to that she started to cool off and now this... Really confused by it all because of how full on she was! I don't mind letting her go as im not desperate but I don't usually like people easily and this one I did see going somewhere

    • When you pass by on her show her an occasional middle finger and that's it.