Girls, Crush of 1 year finally found out I liked her all along?

Girl and I had a crush on each other - I kept disappearing and she was trying hard each time to make moves. I came back to find out she has a new boyfriend months later and decided to comment on her picture to let her know at that point she didn't block me. I seen her the day after on the train and she stared with a huge smile. Her boyfriend walked up and caught her followed me into the same carriage she stared and smiled and faced me with. Huge pupils biting her lips as she looked away I got off early to avoid him she sent me a message saying he's aware and just as I seen her on occasion it doesn't mean I can approach. So I ignored it he seen me 20 minutes later asked if I was * I said no. She stood behind him with a huge smile avai. And then blocked me. I followed up with a linked in message saying sorry I was meaning to get to know her but was busy with work and was shy and I don't expect a response and I hope we can get to know each other in the future. And said see you around. So she didn't block me she uploaded a new picture with the same smile. So now I'm confused about her reactions to seeing me after I made her aware that I do like her?


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  • The girl you have a crush on enjoys drama. You should stay away from her.

    • I know or maybe she's just shocked?