Girls, Is she still interested even though she has a bf?

Me an a girl started flirting on the local transport home from a busy city centre 1 year ago. It started with staring, copying my body language and stuff. Then I couldn't get on as often and I would randomly get on and catch her looking depressed. at the ground her eyes would light up. Or huff and puff behind me. Like once I sat opposite her and she was staring between me and the floor holding flowers to her chest. So I disappeared fr 4 weeks and sge shoved her travel card in my face so I could read her name. Then I disappeared for 3 months and she started staring confused? Purposely walking past to say hi which shocked me and she started blushing. So I came back after another 3 months to find she has a boyfriend. She looked embarrassed? . So to let her know I commented on her Facebook photo without adding her. Seen her the following day she was smiling at me. Her boyfriend walked upto meet her and he followed me. She faced me on the train with a huge smile wide eyes etc until her turned back around 10 secs later. So I got off early and she sent a message saying just because I seen her on occasion doesn't mean I can make her uncomfortable or approach her. So obv for her bfs benefit? . I ignored and her boyfriend pulled me up 20 minutes later and asked if I was [[[ I said no he said I'll leave it then. The whole time she stood behind him with a huge smile whilst he looked pissed. So then he made her block me I think. So 3 days later I send an apology via her work LinkedIn. I said sorry , was meaning to speak but she made me nervous , and I noticed what she was doing and was meaning to say hi. I said I will respect her wishes but in the future I hope we can get to know each other if she wants to and I don't expect a response then I said see you around sometime. So she she hasn't blocked me. I noticed that she changed her pick from a professional one to a casual one. Of her smiling looking at something which her collegue took. See update...

Which the smile looks familiar. Now I'm very confused I know I left it to late but what is all this smiling and blocking and not blocking she only sent me a message as her boyfriend got funny as he seen me the day after the messages. I'm confused by the whole situation what is making her do these things?


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  • No. She has a boyfriend. Do you really want to be the guy who ruins a fledging relationship. You are a strong eagle, and there are plenty of worms in the ground for you. And do you really think she would consider having relations with another man while she is in a relationship. Seriously.

    • Nope but I'm just wondering if I should wipe her off as I am aware I confused her and left it way to long. I'm not a home wrecker I'm just confused by her lol

    • If someone drank from a cup of water, would you drink from that same cup. Or get a fresh glass of water. The moral here, leave her alone.

    • Well the way I see it is , if she isn't married well then she has no real commitments it is what it is ( a friend with benefits )

  • Leave that girl alone! She sounds like trouble.