Just friends, or wanting more?

I met this guy at work a few months ago, we hang out at his house and stuff. We have the same taste in music, tv, hobbies, we do a lot of things alike, we think alike, people are always commenting on how we would make a good couple, we have had complete strangers ask how long we have been together, he is constantly complimenting me, we have the same since of humor, I have met his family, he reassures me when I need it, and I do the same for him, his parents are always making some kind of comment about us being a couple even though we aren't, we have long late night talks, aND he makes me happy... my question is what do you guys think, do you think we should be more than friends... do you think he is interested in me?


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  • sounds more like of a friendship.. I don't know, only he can tell if he like likes you


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  • What does he say when people comment on you 2 being a couple or how long you've been together?

    • He just kind of smiles and makes jokes like to damn long or something along those lines because he is a sacastic ass which is part of the whole same since of humor thing

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    • But like we hang out all the time he took me to a restaurant and bought me dinner and told the host I was beautiful and he's constantly trying to find some reason to touch me

    • Welp... I just dunno.

  • It sounds like he does like you. It might be the same hesitation that you might have about how the other person is feeling. I would bring it up to him. See what he thinks. If he makes you happy it's worth a shot!