Guy introduced me to his friends and family and I told him I was a virgin?

Is this a good sign?
We had a 3rd date yesterday. He won me a stuffed animal, we cuddled in the movie, and then we hung out with his best friend and brother. They were all very chill and nice from what I can see. His best friend was telling me some good advice and we talked a lot of intellectual stuff. My date was drunk but he was cute and running around. He would often come up to me as well and cuddle and hug me from behind. His best friend told me my date was a good guy. The whole time my date was kinda being touchy and his friends kinda looked away as being uncomfortable. So I'm a little nervous they felt bad because maybe he does this to all the girls he introduces to them. He also said he really sees us as something. Then, later I told my date I was a virgin. He's 25 and I'm 22. I felt very nervous because thats my skeleton in the closet and I normally dont tell my dates that because I'm scared it will make them run away. I told him I dont have experience in that field and I normally don't tell people this and asked if he was just looking for sex. He said no, I wanted to take things slowly, but if you thought I just wanted sex I should've just played you, in a joking manner. I asked him is it okay that I have no experience? He said okay, whatever. He thinks I'm judgmental on myself and that relationships are more than sex. He said sex is just a plus, that's all. He said that he asked his friend about me, he said his friend said I seem nice and chill, but only time will tell. So after that we kissed. He called me when we drove home and we fell asleep on the phone together. I'm nervous that by telling him im a virgin that things will go down hill.

  • It's really good.
  • It's okay, only time will tell.
  • No, this is just another tactic boys use really.
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  • It seems to be going well, but only time will tell. Stop worrying and enjoy getting to know him. Being a virgin isn't that big of a deal.

    • The past guys I dealt with it was.
      They judged me. Thought I was too innocent.


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  • It's okay, only time will tell.

  • It had to happen eventually and know he can properly prepare you when the time comes


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