I'm shy, he's shy I think we like each other, but it's awkward. What should I do?

This guy I've worked with for about 4 years, at some point I started to become interested in him. We have gotten much closer and sometimes we have long conversations through text or in person. At first I noticed he would always get into my personal space or sometimes accidentally bump into me or touch my hands. Sometimes it's easy for us to be smiling at each other and holding eye contact and sometimes it's awkward. He's very helpful to me at work and usually will do favors for me and vice versa. While helping him bring his motorcycle and his car to his house, I met his mom and his cats at some point I was petting the cat that is actually his and he started petting her at the same time, I'm not sure but I think that was an excuse for him to I don't know try to hold my hand. He invited me to join him one day to go to the shooting range one of his hobbies. A few weeks later I invited him out for coffee and we ended up talking about nothing for about 3 hours, when it was time to leave he kinda lingers around like there's something he wants to say or maybe do before he goes (this happens frequently) but nothing actually happens. I had been out of work recently waiting for my certification to be renewed and I started talking to him and he loaned me some money like $15 and I didn't ask him and I honestly don't like taking other peoples money, but I was kinda desperate. He told me that if I'm in trouble again to call him which seems weird to me and I paid him back the next day. I think he really likes me, but is shy and I don't know what I should do because I don't want to scare him or make him uncomfortable, especially since we work together and see each other almost everyday.


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  • When you are shy be really cute about it


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  • They are definitely the signs of someone being interested. The next time you are together, look him in the eye and just ask him straight out. Do you like me? It surprises me that nothing has happened in all that time. I should think that you both would like to know where you stand relationship wise.

  • Ask him out. I doubt he will say no. You will eventually get over the feeling of awkwardness between you if you hang out around each other all the time.