Whats should I do?

So me any my boyfriend recently broke up (it wasn't good). It left me in sort of shambles and crying. I went out to lunch and dinner with some friends last night instead of going on a date, they cheered me up a little bit, and it helped. My best guy friend was there, and he kept looking over like he just knew I wasn't happy and I was putting on a face. Kept trying to joke with me, and cheer me up, it worked for a little, but once I left, I was back to being sad.

He texted me the next day, asking how I was, I told him the truth, and he asked what he could do to cheer me up. I wanted to see a movie the other night but it was sold out, so he offered to go with me to see it, drop me off some food, just go out together and do something to put a smile on my face. He's always been there and supported me in my relationships and so on, and always helped me through rough times. He sent me another text later in the day, asking if there was anything I wanted to do, reiterating the idea of seeing a movie, or hanging out or something, saying he just wanted to cheer me up.

What should I do? Should I try and hangout with him, he seems to cheer me up and helps me, but at the same time I don't want him getting the wrong idea (I don't think he will but still).


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  • i think you can accept his kindness and offer to do things together. it does seem like he may be into but i wouldn't presume as much without additional evidence, otherwise he may just being a concerned friend helping you through a tough break up... and you wouldn't want to offend him or put him off

    so if you want to hang with him go for it but if you get any indication he sees the the hanging out as something else then you may have to address the issue


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  • If he makes you feel better, yes, go hang out with him. If you're really good friends then I think you can trust him not to cross that line because he should have your emotional interests at heart. If you feel like you need to, then do let him know if you think anything has crossed the line but don't just right off assume he wants to get with you. He really might just be trying to be a good friend and help you feel better.


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  • Not sure how he behaved in the past, but from a distance, it seems he believe he's got a shot with you now that you don't have a boyfriend anymore.

    If you want to hang out with him, go ahead. Just try not to send the wrong signals or just be honest and tell him he's just a friend. ;)

  • You gotta tell him...

    He really likes you...

    You have to tell him that you are friends, and not into him now! If you wait he will get more hurt...


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