My Boyfriend is cyber stalking his ex?

Before my boyfriend & I hooked up, he had a girlfriend for about four years. I had a boyfriend. She & I were friends. She worked with my brother. He was my manager. I got promoted, we were equals & we became friends. He told me he was having cold feet about their plans to move in together. She & I talked about our lives, she told me cute stories about their relationship. They somehow became workplace gossip & he literally stopped talking to her, ghosted. She transferred at her job. Well, once I heard he was available, I left my guy and two months later we started dating.

But this last month, I caught him reading his ex's Twitter timeline at work. He doesn't even have Twitter. Then I found out he was reading her blog & Twitter two to three times A DAY. He even stopped dead in his tracks when an old coworker mentioned her at work. When I asked him casually if they had talked, he told me she's blocked him on all social media & his number. Why would he know that if he didn't try to talk to her?

Is he hung up on her? Is this normal? Do you think he'll break up with me?


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  • you don't need an account on twitter to view someones profile unless they have increased the privacy settings. so he could view her profile at work without having an account himself. the only reason he'd be looking at her page 2-3 times a day would be cause he still had some sort of interest in her , does she post revealing photo's of herself? what is there for him to see? is he trying to figure out if she's seeing other guys? , why else keep viewing it?

    its common for people to block there ex's on social media. its almost standard thing to do now , I find it rather weird so many people feel necessary to do that but it is very common

    • I got curious and checked her Twitter. The only picture of her was with a friend & it wasn't scandalous. It's mostly just things about the gym or nature. Her blog is just fitness stuff & work life balance. Nothing overly personal, but he's there all the time. Every day. Several times. I don't know what to think.

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    • See, that's what I'm afraid of. They broke up once before (she moved to another city for work & got mad that he wasn't making as much of an effort to see her when she was scheduling their time off together & making time for him) & he literally chased her through the city when she moved back to the same city & begged her to take him back because he missed her so much. The only thing that stuck out on her feed is she often posts her location. Like, she tags places; her gym, the park she's hiking at, whatever. But he & I are together, so I don't know why he's looking her up so obsessively.

    • they definity have a lot of history together , so you can't really expect him to just forget about her all of a sudden. as to why he's doing this I'm not entirely sure either but he has an interest in what she's up to. I do worry too that him knowing her gym and her locations around city could lead to him trying to find her at some point , stalking online can sometimes move into real life if the person has the opportunity, but sometimes stalking is rather harmless and guy just wants to see and talk to the girl , not always violent or sexual in nature as some believe

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  • Dump him he's a player trying to get some


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  • If he is still stalking her means he hasn't moved on, she is still on his mind and that's not a good sign

    • Do you think he wants her back or is looking to talk to her?

    • Yes, that's a good possibility.

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  • Nah he ain't over her.. which is normal cause he been with her for4 years..

    • Do you think he's trying to see if she's seeing anyone to try & get back with her?

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    • I'm kind of worried because a lot of our coworkers think I created the situation that broke them up, because he's really private about his life & anything she said about her life got around our work. A few of our coworkers have told him he was dumb to walk out on such a great girl over nothing. I overhear people all the time saying he was a moron for leaving her, she was so sweet & kind & he made a HUGE mistake. They even claim his work performance has gotten poor since they split. Even my brother, who worked with her, said he was shocked that he broke up with her.

      I know she has him blocked everywhere, but what if he's decided that he made a mistake?

    • All i can say is that you shouldn't worry. Because what is meant to be will be. If you dont like whats going on and it bothers you too much you have to ask him what does it that he really want? You or her?