Am I in the wrong with this girl?

Okay so this is a little bit of drama but I think I'm being guilt tripped here.

I saw this cute girl at a restaurant I go too often. I noticed her looking at me in line so I went up to her and introduced myself. I ask for her name and asked her if she wanted to hang sometime. She said sure and offered me her number.

I felt really good about it because girls like these don't usually talk to me (she's the rich, tight body, petite type, smart too) and I text her like 4 days later.

I go to pick her up and her dad answers the door. We kick the chit until she comes down and she is looking so much better than me.

At this moment I could tell she was really excited to go out because her face is bright red and she can barely say any words. She says bye to her pops and I promise him I'll bring her home safe and he replies "it'd be better if you kept her" (lol what a cheeky cunt) she gives him the dirtiest look and we go on our way.

Everything at this point is chill. Conversation was flowing and I was sure I was going to get laid. We get to the bar and my friend was already there waiting for us and we get our drinks. Now the rest of the night was good, most of the talk was casual, not much of getting to know each other. We made out a few times and she ended up inviting me back to her place. We go back and some out of state relative is sleeping in her room so we fuck in her car. I was just like I've done that before w/e.

Now she's acting all crazy because I won't answer her calls. Even though I never said I wanted anything and we fucked like it was a one night stand.

Here are the messagesAm I in the wrong with this girl?

I know I'm not wrong here I never led her on. I thought it was clear we were just hooking up but she doesn't seem to get it. I have like 12 missed calls a day from her. Am I a bad guy?

Op meets girl and ask her out
Op takes girl out fucks her in car
She text and calls non stop even though OP is not interested

  • Yes you're a fuking prick
  • No you told her what's up and she's clingy
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
Damn you guys for making me catch some feels. I'm going to bed and I'll handle it in the morning


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  • She seems to be too clingy and probably even If you had a relationship It would be destined to be ended soon.
    When I read that story I also thought that It was kind of one night stand.
    I don't think that you are guilty in this case, she got what she wanted and you got what you wanted. If she wanted more that's her problem.
    Just if you guess that the girl is that clingy tell her what you want from the very start so that you won't have problems like that.


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  • You told her what was up... but not until AFTER you slept with her. You should have been clear about your intentions from the start, so that she wouldn't be mislead.

    • I don't agree here. I was pretty upfront with the way things went. If I was interested in anything I would have said so and took her to dinner instead of the bar

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    • You dislike me so much and I never did anything to you. I think that's unfair

    • I never said that I dislike you. I think you did something wrong, and you shouldn't do it again. That's all.

  • urhg... *shakeshead* You could have said it to her VERBALLY before having sex with her.

    • Anyone who knows me would say I'm honest and I say what's on my mind. I never once said hey I'm looking for someone to be in my life. I shouldn't have to say the opposite either.

      Sorry not sorry

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    • LOL I thought the same thing

    • teehehehe

  • When you asked her what she wanted out of it, what did she say? Because she's acting like it was a big deal to her for "giving herself to you". doesn't sound like a girl looking to just hook up in my opinion.

    • I never asked her what she wanted. We went out for drinks and hooked up. That's literally it.

    • Dont assume every girl just wants to hook up next time and be upfront of what you are after. Its just a case of misunderstanding.

  • If you did not look her in the eyes BEFORE sex and say I don't want anything serious, just looking to hookup then you 100% in the wrong.

    • Okay I shouldn't have to fucking say that.

      She did tell me at the bar "she knows who I am and what I do" and I replied "what's that?". She said "break girls hearts". If she knew what she was getting into how is that MY fault.

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    • How would I know that? Just going by the number next your name. Definitely grow up then!

  • I mean... You should've told you specifically that you weren't looking for a relationship or anything. It seems like you didn't explain to her that. I feel her. Shit like that has happened to me because a guy didn't feel the need to explain that he wasn't looking for a relationship before we hooked up, and only actually told me afterwards. I get her for being mad, but she should stop texting you and calling you. It's her fault for getting with you in the first place. If she keeps contacting you I recommend blocking her number, unless you're looking for something else.

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    • The thing is that us girls are very emotional, and we get attached with sex (most of the time) that's why it's best to just be completely straight forward, and I think you were in fault for not. It doesn't make you a "fuckingprick" but it sure as hell isn't something to be praised on. You fucked her, and want nothing else to do with her. (Seems that way) I see why she's upset she feels used. You most certainly wasn't straight forward if you made her feel that way. Lol just trying to put a females perspective out there. Just do you though. this is depressing.

    • I get that I do. Im just so frustrated right now I don't know how to handle this

  • But the thing is she doesn't know how you were thinking in your mind. No one knows you well but only yourself. So she is the same. She doesn't know. If you didn't tell her what are you looking for in advance, how would she make any assumption? Anything is possible, maybe she constantly looking for a relationship and you were like prince charming to her asking her out in the restaurant. Like a dream for most girls. I get that you are frustrated, so she is too. You have no way to handle it, the only way is to cut off contact, she should stop calling after awhile.. dont ever answer her calls if you are not interested at all. Or simply block her. Let it cool off... good luck.

  • You did lead her on and you didn't clearly say this was a one time thing before you fucked her. You took her on a date and even met her dad, of course she was expecting more! Asshole.

    • Please continue to judge me because you know me so well

    • Im judging you based on what you told us. That's what you asked this question for right?
      I think you should apologise to this girl and tell the next one up front you're only looking for it to be casual, instead of afterwards.

    • Yeah man you girls are a bunch of guilt trippers. I'll do something about it tomorrow.

  • Ok, its not that you're the prick or that she was clingy. Its how you handled her afterwards that was kind of... rude. I think you could have told her that you're not interested in a relationship in a more friendly way.

    Don't get me yet?

    Ok, think of this way, you like this one chick and you guys go out, have sex. But thwn she says she not interested in you or in a relationship anymore. You would feel somewhat used.

    Thats why I believe people should wait to have sex after they're in a serious relationship or with the right person. To avoid this kind of shit

  • Why wouldn't you want anything? You talk to highly of her? You probably should have told her you didn't want anything before you fucked tho

  • That's so fucked up! You fuck her then tell her you don't want a relationship. Couldn't you have told her that before, the least you can do is be a grown man and answer the phone. Shameful...

  • Okay if I was you, this would get under my skin as well. I don't know what to say..

  • Nice job, buddy.

  • You're a horrible fucking person, obviously she was excited that a guy was taking her on a date and you used her and won't even talk to her now, wtf?

  • I don't know if I missed it but where did you tell the girl you're intention is just to hook up or have a one night stand? If someone asked me for my number and wanted to hang out with me I would think they actually wanna be with me or be my friend at least longer than for one night... Unless they clearly say I'm just looking to hook up or looking for something casual.

    • I figured having sex in a car is a one night stand kind of a thing. Tbh I lost all respect for her after that. I offered to go back to my place too

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    • She did have self esteem issues.

    • Well there you go... Sorry to give you "motherly" type advice I know you're young and this might be hard for you to understand but that Poor girl... just remember one day you may have a daughter and she might get into a misunderstanding like this too and I doubt you would wanna see her heartbroken : (

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  • Yo Bro,

    You did state that these type of girls never talk to you.

    You also met her pops.

    I don't see the part whereby you explained you only want a casual relationship prior to getting the sex.

    This comment came after the sex.

    I feel the girl is hurt because she feels mislead.

    Don't get me wrong now. It takes two to tango.

    I'm sure if it took you 4 weeks to get the sex, you met her family and circle of friends and vicer versa, you'd most probably had a bit more respect for her.

    I guess it's hard to tell your friends that you've got strong feelings for a girl you banged the first night in a car.

    Your sense of respect goes from long term to short term and to a one night stand I guess.

  • At what point did it appear this was ever just a hookup?
    I legit read this question thinking the girl screwed you over someway, and I got very confused when I reached "Now she's acting all crazy because I won't answer her calls. Even though I never said I wanted anything and we fucked like it was a one night stand.". I reread that like literally five times in pure confusion. I feel I was tricked by that.
    Like, it's okay to do hookups and whatever but like, that clearly was never explained ever once.

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    • That would be a little awkward. I've banged chicks at parties where I've only talked to them for like 5min but that's a party. I met this girl in public. I need to let her know I'm safe and not going to kidnap her n chit bro

    • I feel like even you realize you weren't being clear, and are just trying to make excuses.
      If you approach someone like you want to get to know them, they're going to assume that you don't plan on just fucking them.

  • Think you led her on man. Kinda funny though she is clingy as f. I thought I was clingy texting or calling once or thrice a day jesus 12 times wow

  • That is deeeeeeep. Poor girl man.

    • I don't know man this girl seems like the type to stab me in my sleep. But fuark I'll do something about it in the morning

    • No one's in the wrong really, it could also be clingyness from her side too but we don't know the full details xD I'd say though that she really was expecting something more lol.

      Tis up to you ;)

    • Haha you think?

  • I've had this similar experience and dealt it the same way you did. I would of however picked up the phone for round 2 lol

  • Men are always wrong.

    • LOL fukin feminist bro

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    • @sep780 it's not a movie it's a TV show. The point is you can't take a joke because you ran out of Midol.

    • I don't know what that means but it sounds very funny

  • Similar writing style. Very interesting

    • Bro your obsession over me is getting annoying

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    • I'll lay it out for all of you.
      1) You contacted her even though you absolutely want nothing to do with her, just to be an asshole?
      2) No regular women would be as formal and as detailed and thorough and not mention say something like "I let you in my sacred temple (gave myself to you), how dare you?" in an actual conversation
      3) Knowing that you screwed her over and made it clear that it's nothing more than just a hookup, she still wants you and keeps on nagging you as if she was crazy and in-love after a first date?

    • Good job Sherlock

  • You did it like a true alpha, repped.

  • holy shit not reading that hahaha

  • Nah man you did your shit bro. You told her (funny ass b fuck, im here rolling like crazy.) I say you did what you had to you knew your intension. Sound like she did to by letting you fuck in her car. Like thats not classy thats a quickie. I would understand if ahe to you to her place and shit. But in the car. Shit the fuck your suppose to expect.

    And your a savage by the way. I must learn

  • F*ckin asshole :D I wonder how she gave herself to ya fo' real tho.

  • lol what an annoying prick that girl seems like, prolly a bitch. Good for you for getting some

  • You're a prick OP. You never made your intentions clear until after you got sex out of her. Should've made your intentions clear from the beginning. She thought you wanted a potien tial relationship out of her.

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    • Someone I know ended up marrying the girl that was supposed to be a one night stand so it is possible lol.
      at least it is something you will remember in the future hopefully to be upfront about your intentions.
      Just as you assume they think you only want a one night stand or casual thing, they may also be assuming that you want to date them to possibly have a relationship.
      Everyone makes mistakes but at least you both have learned from this experience.
      I do hope that you did end up sending her a proper apology though as you sounded rude and not empathetic towards how you made her feel, the way you both dealt with it was not right, she shouldn't have called you as many times as she did and given you time to respond.

    • @ThatUnknownGirl

      Its not the first time I've delt with this behavior. No matter how much respect I think a girl has for herself she ends up stalking me.