How to take better pictures of ourselves?

It has come to my attention that women tend to take way better pictures of themselves than men do. in any social media or dating applications, women mostly take the more artistic and attractive pictures even if that same woman isn't as pretty as the her picture suggests.

I dont get many matches on tinder and even less dates from those matches. But what i consistently hear is, "youre cuter than your pictures." or "I didn't expect you to be hot." and my favorite, "I am glad i decided to assume you would be cuter." basically, my pictures suck and doesn't portray what i really look like at all. I admit that my pictures are a bit old and are taken not for the sole purpose of dating sites.

So the question is, how do i up my picture game? women are so good at taking pictures of themselves that most times their picture are more atttractive than they actually are. Any tips or guidelines? Thank you so much everyone.


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  • Its all about lighting and good angles. Search it up on youtube, hella loads of tutorials that briefs you on a step by step process :D


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  • bro turn ur phone upside down the camera takes better pics that's just 1 tip