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I am severly depressed. I am on meds, but i just can't handle life anymore. I am so angry inside, the anger is killing me. I feel life treated me unfairly at an early age. I made a mistake by quitting school at 18, if i didn't do that my life would have been saved. I started to socially isolate myself for no reason and started to think i didn't deserve life at 20 i woke up and was like ''what have i done'' went back to school but was socially behind and i missed out on all my teen years... i wore a brace at 11 to 16,5 and suffered a lot of social rejection. Now i am, never had a boyfriend, no friends, ready to just you know what... i feel like i missed out on a lot of experiences in life at an young age, i feel old and depressed now,... i feel like life treated me awful and unfairly and now i am on meds... its just so hard to hear people talk about their teen years and how wonderful it was and i get bitter and frustrated and angry


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  • Did you finish High School and dropped out of college? Or did you drop out of high school? You can still get a GED if you drop out of high school. As for college if you're going back make sure you really pick something that is realistic and practical enough to apply in the real world instead of something that isn't because you would have an even harder time finding a real job to pay back any student loans you owed if you were a Liberal Arts major compared to any other more realistic majors.

    Life is unfair because this world is unfair to begin with. If every single person had realized that they'd all stop creating and bringing any more people into this world so all of the unfairness goes away in this world permanently, but that simply just won't happen and there are many unlucky people in this world that are brought into existence here. Just make the most of whatever time you have left in this crapsack world. Life sucks for many of us, not just yourself. I think there are way too many unhappy people in this world to begin with that really should not have been brought into existence in the first place had their "parents" or creators not been so selfishly acting in their own best interests to bring them here for their own purposes.

    But, it's much too late now, you exist, and all those other people in this world that are miserable are here in this reality and must face it with the shit hand that they all had been dealt and all the bad shit and odds completely stacked against them.

    What exactly is it that you feel you had missed out and what exactly is it that you want to do that you missed out?

    It also sucks big time when you have no friends, or even worse, when all of your friends are fake people only taking advantage of what they need from you only pretending to be your friend and then flake or turn on you and ignore you completely when you need them and that they won't or don't need you anymore.

    Don't worry too much about relationships or having a boyfriend, as those rarely ever turn out well these days. More often than not breakups and divorces happen on a frequent basis. It's less drama to deal with when you are single.


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  • Try to look at the future not at the past.
    A lot of people's life suck and you're probably not the only one who didn't enjoy their teen years. Just try to make something from your life fromr now on :) You're young you have a whole future and everything is possible!
    Hope this helps. X


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  • you may have missed out on your teen years but you still have most of your life ahead of you. so live now. obviously it doesn't mean act like a teen but you can just try to live life to its fullest now.

    try new things, find new experiences, travel, make an effort to make friends.

  • congratulations on going back to school ! there are a lot of of people that don't make that choice. life is a series of choices that are not always easy. like you i didn't have the best experience in school so i didn't graduate with my class and went to a drop out school. what i have learned is when you compare your life to others nothing seems fair. the only one you have to compete with is your self.
    what do you want in life? there is nothing stopping you from being who you really want to be. i see you as a fighter since you have been threw the worst and your still here. so dont look at your set backs as a negative look at them as a chance as a new beginning and a chance to prove to everyone how wonderful of a person you truly are.

  • Feel free to message me! I will do anything I can. I'll even happily let you vent. (Just note I'm a slow reader. lol)

  • I feel like this since 13... you are not alone sister..


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