Her parents are Islamic and won't want her to date me?

Hi, I'm in a serious dilemma at the moment. My girlfriend and I have been together for 2 months already but I have just found out her parents still don't know. They know of me but don't know I'm her boyfriend now, we have been friends for years. The problem is, her parents are Islamic and have said in the past that she isn't allowed to be with anyone isn't isn't Islamic. She isn't religious herself so she doesn't care and is disregarding the fact that one day, they will have to find out. I'm white, English by the way. I was wondering what could be done about this, I'm aware that some scary stuff sometimes happens to Islamic girls when their parents find out they have non-islamic partners. Please help me, I'm worried for her well being, not our relationship as I know that's strong. Many thanks.


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  • There is no such thing is not religious in Islam. If she claims herself as a Muslim who believes in Allah, means she is religious. Get over it and leave her. Find a normal girl to date.


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