What does it mean when a guy tells you he broke up with the girl he was seeing?

There was this guy I was interested in, and he liked me too. We hung out a couple of times, then told me he wanted to be honest, and was seeing someone before me but it wasn't official and that he didn't know what the status of their relationship was, and he still wanted to see me. After a week of not texting me, he told me he got into a fight with her, and that it was probably for the best. Was he implying something?


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  • Let some water pass under this bridge before you cross it. I would definitely not chase him until you know he is single... just because there was an argument, does not mean that what they are to each other is over. To protect yourself from any hurt, be sure the he is over this girl before you take things further.

    • he told me they were done, and it was for the best.

    • The problem is, that is what people say after an argument... I don't want you to get your hopes up only to find out that after the smoke had settled, he was back in touch with her again..

  • Wouldn't hop on this one yet. Be cautious, he might get back together with her and keep you around as a backup. Don't be the backup.