Strange situation 😨?

So my boyfriend and I started dating about 2 months ago, we are pretty recent, but I had been wondering something and the curiosity has been killing me haha! So I met him when he was still dating his ex girl, they were together for a long time! Anyway I never really saw him as someone I would date bc I knew he had a girlfriend. Anyway we just talked with other people around too, never just the two of us and like he started to come up to me and talking more with me and then before I know it he broke up with his 3 yr girlfriend and a week later he asks me out to ice cream and hang out a bit, at that time I thought he was still with his girl and I thought we were all going as a group. Anyway it turns out it's just me and him and he brought me flowers too and I didn't want to ask about him and his girl bc I didn't wanna sound too into his business. but we went out more and more and one day he asks me to be his girl and I liked him too, a lot! But I feel bad in a way and I dont understand what happened or how he got over his long term girlfriend so fast?


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  • Who ever told you it was fast? lol, honestly if he broke up with a long time girlfriend he has probably been unhappy for a while and was looking for someone else to be with him before he left her. (The thing with people who are in long relationships is that it's hard for them to ever be alone again.) So it's not necessarily that he's using you or anything, or that he gets over girls quickly either, but that you may have motivated him to leave her by giving him the confidence that you could be there after he lets go of her. I don't see any problems with his course of action, just stay open minded.

    • Well I mean he told me he has never gotten like this for anyone so I guess that means he's over the ex haha I mean I'm using my logic 😂

    • Trust his words until he gives you a reason not to hun. Some guys mean it, others just act out a play for fun but you can never know at the start which one he is.

    • True 👌💯💯


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  • There was a guy who I'm pretty sure he liked me, but he already has a girlfriend and clearly has no intentions of ending things with her... but my friend's current boyfriend cheated on his 3 yr. girlfriend w/ her, and they've been together now for 6 months. So it can happen, I guess it comes down to the depth of the feelings the guy has or whatever. I guess he decided he liked you more. You didn't do anything wrong but I'd personally proceed with caution... if it was so easy for him to up and leave her after 3 years., he could do it to you too... not saying he will but, it's possible

    • Yeah i never really thought of that and you're completely right. damn well thanks ☺

  • How are we supposed to know?

    I can *guess* it's because he really liked you--more than his ex. People change, and feelings do too. But the details, what went through his head... I'm not a psychic.

    • Haha lol ik you ain't a psychic i just wanted more opinions boo 😘

  • You have to ask him when you guys are opening up to each other

  • I honestly wouldn't want to be THAT girl.