Does it seem like he is only looking for hook up?

There is this guy who I met twice, both spontaneous meet up - he paid both bills. We talked a lot when we come together, about any and everything. We don't text much at all, i'm usually the one who initiated, friendly cheeky texts. We were at a bar few days ago, no body contact till later of the night, I could sensed that he was trying his boundaries and I wasn't very responsive (just being cautious). No text from him so far after that night. By the way, he always uses "catch up" instead of "hangout" or "date".

I do like him, but I'm just afraid that all he wants is to hook up which is not what i'm looking for. Is it just too early to tell? I'm pretty sure that the next time when I see him, he will try more and probably trying to make up with me.


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  • Have sex with him. Let him THINK its a hook-up. But you will know that you are actually trapping him into a relationship using your magical vagina powers!


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  • I think after a few dates, it's perfectly fine to ask him what he's looking for in a relationship. At some point the conversation has to happen so you both are on the same page.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Yes, I think he is looking only for a hookup.

  • Why aren't you having sex with him? You'll find out if it was a hook up or not.

    • Well because i don't just sleep with random guy friends.

    • I understand that you are not... that is not a reason. Reason is a justification. You're just repeating the premise.

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  • maybe he has a girlfriend