Is this guy really into my friend or is he trying to piss me off?

Long story short I knew this guy for about a year and a half he was really shy so I made the first move. We made out in his car after my birthday party, he left me a disgusting hickey and basically left my lips raw but I didn't sleep with him. He was still sweet about it and he even let me sleep in his car with him until the next day he put his jacket on me and rubbed my back until we both fell asleep. All of a sudden he starts ignoring me denies my friend request and adds my bff on IG. He likes one of her pictures and 2 months later he sends her a "hey". At this point I told her I didn't care and I told her to say hi and so she tells him that both my other friend and I who he met at my party say hi. As soon as he see's my name he stops responding I was trying to be nice. I even told him a week after we kissed that what happened between us was nothing and should stay between us and that we should be friends. I don't want to get in the way of my friend's happiness but at the same time I don't want her to end up hurt. So, does he really like her or naw?


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  • doesn't sound like a classy guy, he led you on, only to leave you in the dust


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  • He sounds like a dbag, but at the end of the day you have to let other people take care of themselves. Your friend may think you're jealous rather than helpful, it's better to say your opinion once aND leave it alone.