Stay friends, or see if there is more? (Of course it's complicated)?

So my former coworker and I are still very good friends, but I have feelings for him. We're from the same hometown, have similar childhoods, beliefs, taste in music, and a shared sense of humor. We worked together states away from home and he is still there. He is bad about continuing a conversation via text but tells me a lot when we do talk and we send fun stuff to each other all the time. Before I left where we worked, he paid for my dinner out with friends and offered to have me spend the night at his place, even though other people had offered. I spent the night but in the guest room. Since leaving he has told me how he's been thinking about me. He alludes to issues in his dating life and how he is tired of games, but he still hasn't come out directly saying he has feelings. I'll be moving a little closer to him soon, but still hours away. He sounds game to try to meet up, but I get concerned when he trails off on conversations. I don't know if I should make a move or if I should set my eyes on someone else.


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  • I think you should wait and see if there is more to it.


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  • Just ask him honestly as it sounds like he's happy with you but only he can answer that