My boyfriend likes a lot of girls selfies on Instagram and Facebook, should I be concerned?

I've been dating my boyfriend for over four months now and we couldn't be happier. We fell in love so fast and when you know, you just know. One thing that is bothering me is that he only likes pictures of other girls on Facebook and Instagram. Most of these pictures are selfies and others are two girls. Most of the girls are girls we both know so it pops up on my feed that he liked her picture without me even trying to see. Some of the girls are girls he used to party with and some are girls he has slept with... When I asked him why he likes so may girls pictures he said "because they looked good". But I think the main thing that is bothering me is that it embarrasses me... I feel like as a boyfriend you can of course look at other girls and think they are attractive but, in my opinion, liking their picture is saying "oh hey, I think you are good looking". I may just be over reacting! Please give me you honest opinion! Thank you.


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  • Oh no, thats not okay. No ones perfect and your right, of course guys notice when other girls are pretty, but he shouldn't be putting himself in the position of hurting yor feelings that way. He knows he is taking a risk by liking other girls photos, thats common sense. There is no reason for it, he shouldn't be worrying about other girls that way, especially those he has had past relationships with. I would be concerned if i were you and go talk to him about it. For my girlfriend at least, i try my best to let her know how amazingly gorgeous she is to me. I try my best to make sure my actions dont make her feel less about her self, because its what she deserves 24/7. Unless the problem continues i wpuldnt let it bother me too much, but bring it up to his attention and say something like "hey, i would rather you not like photos of other girls, especially those who you have had relationships in the past" and he of course, shoul stop. but please tell me what you think! As you know him best!

    • I agree with you, I want to bring it up but I never know how to go about it or I feel like he will think I'm nuts for it bothering me. I honestly really just need to know I'm not the only one who thinks it's wrong! Thank you, this did help a lot and made me more confident to say something!

    • I hear ya, if you tell him it bothes you he should be concerned and definetly not think you are nuts at all... and then do what he can to fix it! But yes you are definetly right, your not over reacting at all. Best of luck! And no problem at all

  • No, that is not a good sign at all. You have every right to be concerned. You should definitely bring this up to him.


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  • Do you like people's photos on social media? Yes? No? Chances are it's yes. If he's alright with you liking other guys/peoples photo's then I don't understand why you're bothered by him liking photo's. I like photo's of people all the time, doesn't mean I want to hook up with them.