I just ended a 10 month relationship help :( ?

I had a 10 month relationship and we once brokeup before because my family didn't want. Then we got back but I was hiding my relationship. And I kept telling lies to my parents because of him. And they (especially my dad) never trusted me. Also, sometimes he was leaving my messages unanswered and I always felt like ı was the one who loved most. So I decided to breakup but I feel bad and sad. Please help, is this gonna be ok or I did wrong? :(


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  • You broke up cos family - wrong.
    One day they will die and not matter, and you need someone you care about to be around to bury you when you go.


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  • Time heals all wounds of you felt some type of way about the relationship then you did the right thing and the emotions will pass and you will meet someone new. As far as hiding your relationship from your family your 21 your an adult you don't have to hide anything at 21