Could you please help and give me some advice?

I posted a question a month ago about this guy I like, we have met online, he has been really sweet and funny, BUT he always always asked me to send naughty pictures and when he called me or video chatted me, he jerked himself and said things like your voice and eyes are huge turn ons etc..
I thought it was normal for a long distance relationship or long distance fling (he is my first internet crush)

I'm naive and do not have much experience in dating in general. So, it was hard to tell whether he was using me or he really liked me as well. But sometimes he sent me these random girls pictures saying that they are hot, or they are sexy, i would fuck her etc.. also when he went out with his friends at the bar and he ended from get bjs he told me that too..

then I realized he was definitely not interested in me the way I was interested in him.
so I told him that I have liked him a lot.. so it has been hard to hear whenever he told me all this and want to stop talking to him because i have to move on.

and he was mad because he did not know I have this kind of feelings for him.
we haven't talked for a while after that..

and suddenly out of nowhere he msged me and said he is still struggling with his feelings and he really wish the best for me.

i'm confused, should I start talking to him again?


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  • Sounds like he was interested in more of a Friend with benefits type deal, and doesn't want to lose you completely cause he cares or still has a use for you. Kind of a tough situation. Can you answer my question I posted most recently? weird situation too


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  • you can talk to him if you like...
    but you should know that he's not talking to you only and he's maybe even jerking off to others , saying the same crap etc.
    don't build any kind of feelings , esp for those internet dudes who are usually seeking for sex and sex only.