Did I already ruin my chances?

I met a guy online and we have been texting back and forth for a few days. We plan to meet up. Today I was having a convo w/him, I sent a text and I sent him another one (I felt bad about not asking about his day). The date is tomorrow and I sent another text asking if we were still on. These were hours apart and I'm not trying to come off as clingy, just that guys have flaked on me. He hasn't answered. Did I already mess up?


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  • He could be at work or shopping. He might not have his phone with him.

    • I'm not asking why he isn't answering, just if I ruined my chances.

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    • 3 messages lol

    • lol even 3 messages won't make you seem desperate if he really likes you. He won't mind.


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  • I highly doubt you messed up, you are just confining plans after all. I do the same thing with people whenever I have plans with them

  • Yup seems so, you demonstrated how needy you are...

  • no, I don't think so if you explain it like that. Just talk and see what he wants


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  • You didn't do anything wrong?
    Maybe he's busy.
    Try to calm down your anxiety. I know how that feels and I know its hard because you want an answer and reassurance.
    Call him rather than text.
    If he doesn't answer, make plans to do something else just in case he does flakes.