How do I get a guy to talk to me?

Before you say that I should initiate it myself I would like to explain the fact that Im middle eastern and so is he, he's also always with a friend or worse, a group of friends. Im usually with a friend too by the way. I see this guy often at uni and im very much attracted to him. Only part thats keeping me feeling good about myself is that I know he thinks im attractive, because he stares at me often (he's done it even when he was talking to another girl) and he checked me out when I was wearing a dress. Now back to why I can't do it myself, besides the fact that I would panic, im terrified that if I DID misread his eyes that instead i'll get judged by him or by his friends or they'll think im promiscuous (when in reality I'm actually pretty shy and I keep to myself). So long story short, how do I get him to initiate convo with me instead?


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  • it doesn't matter where you live, you could be from another planet and i wouldn't matter, you still have to approach and talk to him, because guys dont usually approach girls unless he's brave or confident enough, i dont know cultures well, and how women and men are in other countries, but it can't be that different when finding your love in life. anywhere else.


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  • Ask him to hang out as a group at first.