Attraction or wishful thinking?

So there's a cute girl I like at work. We only ever talk briefly when i go to her work station for something and she greets me and asks me what time i get off. However, lately i've noticed her hanging around my work station before she leaves. Like the other day when I was talking to a customer she looked at me and noticed i was talking to a customer and then she looked kinda upset and walked away. The next day while she was leaving i said goodbye and she walked up to the counter and smiled at me and looked around a bit and left. And recently she showed up with her friends around the time I get off. I was organizing a shelf further down from my usual spot and she didn't see me. But I notice her looking back and forward at my usual spot and she kept flipping her hair a lot until her friends were ready to go. So are these signs of attraction or am i grasping at straws?


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  • Sounds like she is trying to get you to notice her from your description. Make your move, and we shall find out.

    • Thanks for the reply! I have her on Facebook, so would liking her most recent profile picture be a subtle sign that I find her attractive or would she find it weird?

    • Yes that could be a subtle sign. Again I am only speaking based on the description from your question. I personally don't know her so if you think she will find that weird- don't do it.

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  • Yes, there are some signs which indicates that she finds you attractive.