My boyfriend cheated on me on his senior trip. What do I do?

So my boyfriend just graduated and went on his senior trip. He has an ex girlfriend that also went. Well he blacked out and had sex with her and he says when he realized what he was doing he kicked her out. Now this girl has been around. A lot. And it was the thing I was worried about the most letting him go on his trip and yesterday he told me that there was a rumor that he slept with her then today he told me the truth. we have been dating for eight months and I love him with all of my heart and when we started dating he drank and smoked weed a lot. But since we had been together he hadn't smoked or drank except for the trip. But he told me he smoked and I knew he was drinking. I just don't know what to do. I don't want to leave him because he means so much to me but what do I do. He has known about this for two months and never said anything. He told me he loved me for the first time after this happened. And he had only ever told one other girl that. And take a guess. It was her when they dated. But he did beg me to give him a second chance he got down on his knees and he is giving me my space and he said he would respect any decision i made. I just don't know which one to make.


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  • "He told me he loved me for the first time after this happened. "

    how convenient right? also how convenient that he decided to tell you after the rumors started to swirl.

    i may be willing forgive a cheater and accept them back but not a person who would perpetuate a lie and only deal with it when forced to confront the issue. i'm sorry but i think i'd break up with this guy

    ... this is coming from a person who has been cheated on but does not necessarily say break up with every cheater...


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  • You should dump him.


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    I know you don't believe the blacked out and when I awoke she was on top of me story. I bet if you had someone ask the ex or did some digging and talk to others you would hear a different story. He had drunken/on pot sex with his ex. He was irresponsible and took advantage of the opportunity to fuck his ex one last time while you was not there.

  • Dump him else he will be in someone else's knickers get


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