Have I blown it.. Does he think I'm stupid?

In a nutshell I've known this guy 3 years through our families.. I see him at events 2-3 times a year.. We stare at each other everytime... It's obvious we like each other... Him and his friends follow me wherever I go in these events (they hang by the door of the room I'm in etc) but we don't actually speak nor have we really.

In the event last week he looked pissed off that he couldn't talk to me cos I was around friends & he actually said bye to me when he was leaving which he's never done before.

I hugged his older brother in that event cos I knew him few years ago as teens, we had a incident where I accidentally touched his butt when I was hugging him.. we laughed it off I said sorry cos he has a girlfriend.. But it's the Kind of thing he would of told his brother in conversation when they got home.

Anyway having that all we do is stare at each other I decided to add him Facebook to get to know him, then I froze and cancelled the request.. I'm extremely shy and the level my nerves are ridiculous.. For some strange reason I sent him a message telling him I added him then cancelled it out of nerves and I left it at that. But I didn't add him bk I guess i kinda wanted him to give me the green light to add him (dumb I know but my nerves are pathetic) but he ignored the message. Does he think I'm stupid? Or was shocked? or I blew it? You could tell he liked me before but now I don't know?



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What Guys Said 2

  • He is probably not thinking that you are "stupid" but that you are too shy/bashful to ever actually be interested in having a relationship. You need to prove that such conclusion is wrong.

  • Get on with it

    • What do you mean? He didn't reply and I don't want to look stalkerish

What Girls Said 1

  • I think you definitely blew it.