Exclusive = in a relationship?

Of you're exclusive with someone, are you in a relationship? Or can you be with just each other and not be in a relationship?
I know this question sounds retarded, but the guy im dating called me and apologized for hours because he had kissed another girl while he was piss drunk at a party. He said that he knew it was wrong and that he felt horrible.
Does he think we're in a relationship?


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  • Well, you can't be with each other and yet not call that as a relationship. At least I don't think so. Well he apologized to you because he is dating you and it's extremely disrespectful to the woman whom he is dating if he kisses another girl.

    To apologize he doesn't have to be in a relationship.


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  • Probably. I would interpret exclusive to mean seeing only each other... so in a relationship. I think most people consider it to mean not seeing other people, not kissing other people, hooking up with other people, etc.


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  • Or he's afraid you'll stop fucking him

    • Haha that might be... honestly it freaked me out because we haven't been seeing each other for such a long time. Im just wondering, because there's no way i would ever have found out about him kissing another woman if he hadn't told me himself. So if what you're saying is really the reason why he apologized, why did he even tell me in the first place?

    • Maybe the one he kissed rejected him

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