How and when should I call my boyfriend babe // baby?

Okay so I am generally such a shy and paranoid person. So today, my boyfriend and I have been dating for exactly a month. And I think we should start calling each other nicknames. I'm not sure how too though... Like tomorrow morning when he wakes up should I say 'good morning baby' or something? I do love him and he loves me back.. But I'm shy to say it. Please help me get the courage to say it and how to say it. Thank you so much ahaha ;-;

AHHH! So I said 'good morning baby' today. He didn't react at all xD So I'm planning on saying it pretty often so he could say it back. Good idea?


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  • Please don't call us like that. Call us "hey handsome, hey honeybee, hey mr stone" 😆


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  • you started calling each other nicknames so you should feel comfortable calling him baby. but you too shy for that, why don't you try calling him baby in texts first. and get yourself comfortable with that, and it will be much easier for you to say it when you see him in person. I'm pretty shy person myself too, and I always call my guy nicknames in the text first.. not because it's a rule or anything I feel much comfortable that way. and eventually it will come out naturally.


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  • yup, just say "good morning baby" or "good night love" and he will immediately follow the same thing till the end