We haven't defined the Relationship, any thoughts?

I met this guy on a dating app last December, we hit it off & have been seeing each other ever since. I have gone to his family events, we have gone camping (with his parents) I've met his entire family & his friends. We text each other everyday, due to work schedules we always see each other on the weekends. He is very affectionate & sweet. When i do stay over at his place we dont always have sex sometime we just watch a movie, have dinner & sleep. When i first met his family he i just introduced me by my name (which i was fine with we had probably gone out for 1month or so). Now its been close to 7-8 months & i dont know if i should start the what type of relationship is this, I've been screwed over in the past & i dont know how to bring it up, any opinions on my currwnt situation?


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  • You've been seeing him and sleeping with him for 7-8 months and you don't know what sort of relationship it is? Seems a bit late to be trying to find that out lol. Only way is to talk to him about it and see what he thinks. As for how you ask him.. What is it you want it to be?


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  • Well, I think it sounds like you two are in a healthy relationship. I think there really is no need for the "where are we?"-talk if everything is clear. But because you seem to want to talk about it, then do! He should not be weirded out because you clearly have been in a relationship already and it might be he wonders about the same thing as you. Just talk with him and tell him why you worry about it. :) good luck