You guys i'm literally driving myself crazy with this. Trying to figure out why in the mirror i look like BEYONCE. yet when i take a picture of myself i look like a troll? Like wtf am i ugly or not. I need answers. I researched this and literally i see " Your mirror is the more accurate one." " The camera is the more accurate one". I know i'm not the only person who feels this way. We can't all be ugly can we? MIRROR VS CAMERA?


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  • You look strange to yourself in a camera because for most of your life the way you saw yourself in the mirror or water or something was reversed, cameras show you how others see you, so you look strange to yourself because it's reversed to what you're used to.

    • So... i'm ugly? k thanks.

    • That's not it at all, you just look different to what your general perception of yourself is.

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  • I know!! It's so frustrating! I often look in the mirror, looking at myself and want to make a picture, just because I think my hair just falls perfect that day. However, on the camera, my face looks like a big bowling ball. I'd like to believe that the camera just manipulates whatever it catches :P


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  • u got to show a pic


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