Does he like me?

Well... one of my exes and I have been hanging out a lot. It began with just randomly texting one another, and then he asked if we could hang out. Well, in a matter of 3 days, we have snuck out of the house to see each other 2 times. He immediately responds to my texts and snaps and tells me he has fun hanging out with me. When we are together, he does things like taking my hat and wearing it or taking my phone and running off. I noticed he likes to have his body near me too. The only downside is that he tries to make our outings a secret and wants to meet at the same place everytime where its usually the two of us. Is he just being nice to me or am i overlooking everything since he was my first love?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I don't see anything strange, or wrong with what he is doing. Moreover he is your ex, it's possible he still has feelings for you, I think he still likes you.

  • Are you dating someone else currently?

    • No, im not lol

    • Okay to answer you question: he is flirting with you, he likes you but tread carefully. If you are interested in him and serious about him. Ask him what he is looking to get out of the relationship? Ask yourself the same question. Then move forward. Is this dating going to lead to marriage or stay as friends?

    • I never thought of that... thank you. I will think more about this before i progress into anything.

What Girls Said 1

  • I thinkhe does like you. Maybe he wants to keep it a secret because you are too young or dont want nobody to interfere in your relationship.

    • We are both upcoming seniors in highschool. That is logical, we originally broke up from school drama.