Who do you think is more picky?

  • Women on guy's personality
  • Men on girl's looks
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  • Honestly, it's about equal.

    I hear tons of girls say they wouldn't date a guy unless he was *insert endless qualities that only exist in Fifty Shades of Grey*, and I hear tons of guys who have super high standards while they are just average looking.

    People should rationalize a little.

    • "endless qualities that only exist in Fifty Shades of Grey"

      ... so, like, crazy momma's boys who are also psycho stalkers?


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    • Oh, ok. That's not the way the main character in fifty shades is written at all, but... I gotcha

      I mean... ::shrugs:: I married a man who is absolutely exactly like what you described, and, I honestly would have been miserable with anything else.
      But, at the same time, I am also headstrong, challenging, resourceful, empathetic to the point of almost mind-reading, and way way waaaayyy too intense for most guys. So, I'm the kind of woman who actually DOES get someone like that, and hold onto him, and make him WANT commitment.

      If these girls you're talking about are missing something, it's not that the scenario itself is unrealistic... I mean, I'm living the scenario, and it's a filthy wet dream come true.
      What they're getting wrong is, they don't understand how much of a fighting spirit is necessary to keep that kind of relationship alive (in the constructive sense of "fighting", not picking stupid pointless fights).

      I wrote about my

    • husband's background here -- it's in "truthhammer" opinion thread:

      So... yeah.
      Not impossible, but, they'd have to... well, always have something new up their sleeve. (:

Most Helpful Guy

  • Assuming the goal is just a hook-up, and that's the only time this question makes sense to me (since both genders would be very picky about personality otherwise), I think women might be a little more picky than guys.

    For example, I can pick almost any random girl, and provided she's not too fat or too old (maybe even possible then), and I shouted, "Hey guys, anyone want to bang this girl? She's willing to bang anybody!" -- I think there would be a line of creepy guys forming.

    A lot of guys aren't actually that picky about looks when it comes to getting laid.

    • Now if we reverse the scenario and take a random guy and shouted, "Hey ladies. Anyone want to bang this guy? He's willing to bang anybody!" -- I don't actually think there would be much of a line forming.

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    • @PlzJustDie I somewhat ignored the contrast between personality and looks (since I think both genders have strong preferences on how their partners should ideally look), but more just the selection bias between men and women in a hook-up context. Some of it might also have to do with female sexuality being repressed as well -- ignoring those types of factors ATM and just thinking about which one might be pickier.

    • @PlzJustDie The question, as is, is somewhat nonsensical to me (as though guys ignore personality and girls ignore looks). So I just tried to answer it based on which sex might be pickier when it comes to who they're willing to sleep with.


What Girls Said 2

  • The results are hilarious

  • most guys won't come up to you unless they think you are very attractive while girls will entertain the possibility of a less attractive guy


What Guys Said 5

  • And as expected, both genders look at this differently.

  • Women are more picky, since it's really difficult to impress them these days. Now you have to be a top 10 man to get them and even the plain Janes are becoming divas. It's ridiculous.

  • Haha the poll results xD

  • women