Should I go to the strip club tonight?

I visited a strip club some months ago and I met this stripper. The stripper gave me a couple lap dances and we exchanged numbers. I thought she wanted me as a customer, but we ended up hanging out outside of the club many times. We texted each other a lot and we even went on dates. She also introduced me to her daughter and invited me to her home. My relationship ended with her a couple weeks ago. I spoke to her on the phone two weeks ago, we spoke on going out again and she agreed. She told me that I should text her so we could make plans. I did and she never responded back. I think she never responded because she is working less, so she has more of a social life now. In other words, she was using me because she felt lonely. I want to talk to her again and I think she might work tonight. Should I go to the strip club or should I forget about her?


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  • Forget about it.


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  • Make sure you bring your worth man and withdraw as much as you can