I hurt my boyfriend?

He doesn't think I love or trust him now. Because I brought up some stuff about my ex. I can tell he's giving me the cold shoulder... I don't know what to do? I'm afraid I'm going to lose him or this going to put a big dent a in our relationship. I'm really scared I'm losing him

I told him that my ex broke me and I've said this a few times to him


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  • Well, you should never bring up your ex to your current boyfriend, that is never a good thing to do, it does make a boyfriend feel insecure and plus it will give him an impression that you may still be in love with your ex even though it might not be true

    • That's exactly my problem :( even tho I'm not in love with my ex he thinks I am. I just feel so stupid for bringing it up

    • Well,, now all you do is apologize to him and promise him that you won't talk about him or mention him ever again. You have to learn from your mistake.

      That's all you can do now. Your boyfriend's dissapointment, anger is understandable. However I hope your boyfriend forgives you

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  • Why do you feel the need to mention your ex every time your boyfriend is around? What's done is done. You should not bring the past in your present relationship no matter how hurt you may be. Anyway, I understand your boyfriend's position and I would be really mad if I were him as well. If you want to make things better, apologize to him and promise that you won't ever mention your ex again.


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  • Just wait for it to cool down first.

  • EX talk is never good unless the other party asks you a quesiton about them. Live and learn... I dont know what you said, but i'm pretty sure he's "Comparing" himself to your ex.


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