Girls, Dating a Stripper?

hey, I have a regular job - went to college, graduated, yada yada

so I strip on the side as well.

So so I met a girl at a show last weekend. She paid me to give her a private dance (fully nude) and gave me her number. So we went out yesterday for a couple drinks. We made out at the end of the night for awhile. Today, when we were texting she said she did not know if she could date some one that strips. Would you have an issue dating a stripper?

Hey y'all could use some help
Hey. Dudes


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  • I could, as long as they don't do shady things on the side for money

    • What exactly do you mean by shady things?

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    • Thanks for MH

    • Anytime... I guess during lapdances some girls do feel my cock up if that makes a difference


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  • I could date a former stripper, but if he's currently stripping and giving nude private dances to other girls, I couldn't do it.

    • Why couldn't you do it?

    • Because he's giving nude dances to other girls and all. I'm not okay with that.

    • Why noT okay with that?

  • I probably would not.
    I'm sorry, I'm insecure AF. I hear some chicks pay to give y'all head? Or get sexual? Nope. That's cheating in my eyes.

    Sorry. No disrespect to you.

    • I'm not a prostitite but some girls will try to pay me to have sex with them

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    • Yeah.., hookups only happen when single though.. I would imagine if I was a random dude going to bars looking for sex it would happen just as often or more

    • Maybe. But I'm still individual insecure

  • I'm a jealous person so I probably can't