What's up with this guy?

so I have this guy friend that I worked with all summer since we were camp counselors. Him and his best friend both liked. But me and him always talked and he was better than the best friend. And on the last day of camp, i wasn't sure if he really liked me cause he left and gave me a high five until he came back to me gave me a hug and asked me out. So he texted me on Saturday asking bout the date and we planned it and I texted him Sunday and he wanted us to go out on Monday even though we planned it on Friday. I still said Friday cause I couldn't on Monday. So 3 days pass he didn't text me so my best friend told me to just text him and all he wanted to talk about the date and that's it, There was "how are you" or no flirting or anything. So now I wonder what's up with this guy. Explain this to me, please.


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  • See how it goes in person. There's multiple reasons why he's like that
    - he could be socially awkward
    - he may not like to text
    - some guys feel like if they text too much they will screw things up early on. Since he has a date already lined up he just went quiet

    Regardless, he doesn't seem to be the most socially acclimated or smooth individual as there should be at least a little bit of talk other than simply asking for a date and making arrangements for the date lol

  • He's just shy, probably he's never had a girl friend. Give him time here! He'll come around.


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  • If you really like him and you're eager to give him a chance, you should ask him out again. He might be socially awkward or he might just be a shitty texter.