Why do guys lose interest in me so quickly?

One day they're texting me at every hour and asking how I am, the next day they just reduce the number of texts, and little by little, they start to fade away... why does this happen? FYI: I don't act creepy or crazy, I'm very respectful, I don't try to invade anyone's privacy or personal space, I do the best I can to keep the conversation going and answer all questions, etc... I just don't know why every guy leads me on so much only to decide that he's not into me anymore... Maybe a relationship for me is just not going to happen, ever.


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  • Did you even see each other face to face? I don't know what is wrong with people today, internet relationship is not a relationship

    • Yes.

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    • Are you sure you two are in a relationship? That doesn't sound like a relationship to me

      Both of you sound like you don't know what you're doing

      You should be blunt with him and ask him out, he obviously doesn't know what he's doing

    • We're just talking. Not in a relationship. Point is that if he was truly interested, he would have asked me out already.

  • You seem very cold about the conversations, only telling how the messages decrease by each day. Have you ever had interested in what they told you? Have you ever messaged them first, or told them something about you and made them interested in you more again?

    • Yes, but like I said, that's their way of politely showing me that they're no longer interested. Every guy in the past has done that and the guy I'm talking to right now hasn't texted me like he did yesterday. I'm assuming he just lost interest.

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    • How?

    • You have to develop interest in things and have hobbies and such

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  • You just gotta look for someone who's really down for you and worth talking to. I wouldn't waste my time talking to temporary people.