He's a good friend, Did I mess things up?

Hello guys and gals! I need your advice. I am not sure what to do in this situation I am very inexperienced with guys and I think I might have destroyed a chance with this really nice guy I work with. So I've known him since May and I never really paid much attention to him but he was always around my field of view he is social and kind of a flirt with girls with me he was a bit different as the months went by. Fast forward to now when things have taken a change and I don't know where we stand, I sort of developed a crush on him he was always very nice to me and made me laugh when I was very depressed, days when I was home sick and couldn't come to work he would always ask my friends about me which is strange because this has never happened to me before. Also he was very happy to find that we would be working next to each other. Now to the problem, since then I was a bit forward with him and I asked him a question ''Would you ever consider going out with me'' I knew he was single he confirmed that. His response was ''I am not sure how to respond to that question at the moment, I am not into relationships right now, Give me time and I will give you an answer''
I was okay with that. Since then he has been distant, is this normal? I don't really pester him for an answer or anything but this seems to have affected our friendship, before he was always the one to start a conversation and he even told me this wouldn't affect our friendship, but I feel like it is. He is not who he was 3 days ago... Did I screw up?


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  • Wait one more day and talk to him again, get a feel of how he's doing before bringing up that question. If you are good friends it's likely he's thinking about what it could do to your friendship if you start dating. He does seem to care about you, so that's good!

    How distant is he? I need time alone to think about heavy subjects and work things out, most guys do as well.

    If you can, please give me your insight on my question:

    • yes, like before at work he would always come up to me and say hello he would poke my shoulders playfully, he would always be there to make me smile. After our little talk he has toned down, he is more quiet, doesn't do the things he would. I took back what I had said and that he didn't have to worry because I understood what he wanted. I said I was sorry and that it was okay if he wanted to remain friends. I don't think he sees me as a friend anymore and it's really hurting me...

    • That would hurt. Did he ever say why he wasn't into relationships right now?

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  • He's probably not interested in you. However, I don't think you screwed up. You did nothing wrong.