Guys, Boyfriend still in touch with his ex?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 10 months just recently my boyfriends ex started talking to him she told him that she still had feelings for him and being too friendly which I was not happy about I later on ask my boyfriend why she popped up in his messages he let me read the messages and I asked him if I could message her to confront her he said no. why? I didn't care if he got mad at me I had to tell her to leave I confronted her and told her to stop later on I shut her up she did not message him nor did she message me back this morning I asked my boyfriend and she texted him he lied to me and said no because I checked his messages and she was there he said "sorry about my girlfriend" why is he going back to a girl that was trying to be friendly when he has a girlfriend? I will post two screenshots of how I confronted her Guys, Boyfriend still in touch with his ex?


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  • There is still something about her he likes. Even though he may remain totally faithful to you and have no intention of cheating, one day you two may break up and he may need someone to go to. So being nice and communicating with her is a way to not burn a bridge with her. Now, I am totally on your side, I would also not tolerate that because it is a total conflict of interest. Because of what is happening with you, I think remaining in contact with an ex is bad news.

  • You need to dump him. He's a disrespectful insensitive jerk. It won't change

    • He wasn't flirting back but I just wanted to ask why he's doing it

    • Because he's a disrespectful insensitive jerk. He should've never even responded

  • If he has any respect for you or your relationship he will shut her down and tell her the facts.. He's with you and not her. They can talk and be friend but that's it and nothing more. Now going through his phone I really don't agree with. That's just making more trust issues between the two of you. If he can't tell her and to back off and respect you or the relationship then I think you should reevaluate being with him. Hope this helps