Should I feel embarrassed and ashamed?

Should I feel this embarrassed and ashamed

A girl I had a crush on a girl in my class that's 24 just like me and she chose to date a middle age guy over me

Thanks for opinions


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  • No, you shouldn't. By the way, how do you know she was into you? Also, how did she know you were into her?

    • I told her on Facebook, the funny part about this is she gave birth to this situation because I came into this semester thinking I wasn't really gonna talk to any girls, when I saw her in the class I think to myself this girl is extremely attractive and most likely we will never talk to each other well I was wrong she approached me twice outside of class one of the times being in the library where she gave me Tim Hortons and told me she was happy she ran into me


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  • Well... that is who she wanted to date. There is nothing wrong with it. Stop being jealous.

    • I'm really not being jealous this situation Dosent help a guy on the verge of giving up on dating this just adds to it

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    • I don't suggest giving up, you are only in your 20's. You still have time, if you want to take a break, but don't give up.

    • Dude I tend to fall apart after every situation like this I'm one of those guys women tend to avoid I'm a genuine nice guy

  • No that's just what she likes, nothing to do with you

    • Did she even know you liked her?

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    • Yeah I was like that but I never gave up, now I just use online sites to meet them, I still can't ask one out in person

    • Well I get nowhere with either