Need opinions on a fight my boyfriend and I had?

So my boyfriend wants to go to a party at his friends house this weekend, and one of his ex fuck buddies will be there. I got upset and we got into this huge fight. And he said I was crazy and that I should trust him. He also added that if I wasn't so insane I could come. I tried to end things with him because I was so upset, but he talked me out of it. We kept fighting and now he says he isn't my biggest fan anymore, and he doesn't know if we are worth it anymore.

We've be been together for a little over a year now, and before I met him he was quite a man whore. He cheated on girlfriends, he's had sex with over 30 people. So I have my worries when he's drinking what will happen.

what do you guys think about this whole situation


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  • I think you should drop him you can do hetter and you dont deserve that, the fact that he said your crazy becouse you dont want him around his ex, is childish further more him saying he's not your biggest fan over you speaking with him about something you dont like is also childish, and one last note if he was a whore before and cheated on other girls whos to say he wouldn't do that stuff to you, you can do better and you dont deserve that!


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  • Id run. Once a cheater always a cheater. These people have a pattern. They will cheat and lie, make you feel insecure and then claim you are the crazy one. Dump him. Clearly being a party animal and not taking your feelings seriously is his deal. If he hasn't cheated on you yet he most likely will. Why else would anyone go to a party without their boyfriend or girlfriend but their ex or ex fu## buddy is? They want to have their cake and eat it too.


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  • I don't judge people, but gathering from what you say about him, he sounds like someone who acts on instinct and my instinct says he'll cheat on you too sooner or later.


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  • To be honest, I'm with you. Instead of putting you down and saying "oh you're insecure" how about he looks at himself and go, oh she has a very good reason to be insecure. How would he feel if it was you?

    • I tried to turn it around and have him look at it like that, and he said were not going to talk about the what if.

    • Lol. Right okay, so he can act however he wants and it's your problem if you don't agree with him then. What a dick. Sorry.

      My boyfriend used to be... more... active. In his uni days let's say between girlfriends he enjoyed the clubbing and one night stand life. But he understands why it upsets me when an ex gets in touch with him. And he will ignore them for me. My ex was more like your boyfriend and the comparison between the two boyfriends - I mean more to my current boyfriend. He would do anything to keep me, but my ex knew he could just walk off to someone else.

      Guys are dicks sometimes.