First date ideas?

I supposed to be going out with a guy next weekend. He asked me what I wanted to do. I would have just said let's go to the movies but there's nothing I want to see and I want to do something fun and go somewhere that we can both talk. I was kind of wanting to go to the zoo or aquarium but we would have to go out of town for that. What are some other ideas that aren't super expensive?


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  • Put put (miniature golf) is always a good first date idea


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  • From all of the Experiences, @beautifulangel76, in Dating and Mating, that I have learned, No... Let's go to the movies. One never ends up watching the Flick with his Chick, no Matter what Pick.
    I would suggest that a Nice Dinner for Two, where you Both can get to Know one another Better as you Break Bread Instead. It doesn't have to be a real Expensive meal.
    And with doing this, you can also see if perhaps there might even be a Second Date, where you can Either... Take Seconds on the Dinner again or Do something Different where this Time Sharing is Caring and it leads to Nursing and Nurturing Something Special that could Lead to be Worth more.
    Good luck and Enjoy the Boy. xx

  • For first dates, I like coffee or ice cream. It's short enough that if it's not working you can peace out and then you guys can chill and talk if it's going well.

    • We have already hung out together twice and we talked and did some other things but this would be the first time we have actually gone somewhere together