Guys, am I too needy?

I've known him for years but weve only dated half a year. Just recently we two a few steps back in our relationship. It was a mutual decision. We both had a lot on our plate and decided to take things even slower till we both were out of college and good job. We rarely see each other because we work and go to school and the only way we communicate now is texting.
Usually as I've noticed earlier he would bethe first one for goodmornings and goodnights. We would text and talk nonstop. Well now I feel like the im the one whose trying to make it work. If I dont text him he won't. I tried to see couple times if he would and he didn't. I wonder if he just completely lost interest of me or is truly busy. But I always catch him on his phone when we hangout with our mutual friends.
I dont know whether to walk away slowly and just let it die or keep trying. I mean I give him his space. Try to cheer him up when I can but I dont know what to think.
When I asked him about it he says he cares for me but am I too needy to want more?
Guys what do I do?
I dont want too much from him, just for him to put as much effort as I am. But it takes him hours to respond and if he does its something short as if he's avoiding me. I hope I am not annoying lol


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  • Yeah yo sound needy alright


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  • Honestly you don't sound needy at all , your giving him space and trying to cheer him up whenever your around him , I would say your doing everything right... But unfortunately people say they don't like games but they all play it... If your not into games you'll be forced to play (unless you meet a unicorn) lol... It sounds like it could be a number of things him meeting a new girl , super busy with work or friends , going through some sort of stress (guys can be pretty private about personal stuff)
    My point being is if he's not responding you need to leave him alone , don't put yourself through the emotional stress of thinking about him , men are natural chasers... Try to detache your emotions from him until he steps up to the plate and pursues you... If not you need to accept that it's not going to work out and you will meet others and be happy again... I know you want someone to tell you it will all be alright but sometimes that's not the case... Now I'm not saying he's done with you , but truthfully no one can tell you the future he could be going through shit , or met someone else , no one knows... You can only control how you react to the situation... Honestly keep busy , go out with your friends and start imagining yourself as being free and being able to pursue anybody that you want ,,, you can't wait around forever thinking all the time ( when will he text me) it kills you inside and hurts a lot... Treat yourself , get your hair done , paint your nails , go out... Be happy and free don't emotionally invest yourself completely to him... I hope this was somewhat helpful ( I've been through the same thing girlie 😉

  • You actually sound sort of needy. If a guy ever accused me of being needy, I'd ignore his ass for days.