Am I being played?

Hey people I'm a sophomore (grade 10) in high school and am talking to a freshman (grade 9). We dated a while back but then I went on vacation and we broke up because of that. When I was on vacation we didn't have any contact since the country I was in was rather third-world. When I got she texted me first and through a day I already told her I wanted her back. She immediately said the same and that she really missed me. That night we made out. The only problem is I am close friends with her best friend, her best friend told me that she had told her that she did not miss me and hardly ever talked about me. Her best friend didn't know why she would say she missed me or anything To that extent. Her best friend concluded that I am just being played for the attention that I give the girl and should stop all contact with her so that I don't get hurt. This girl who I am talking to in the past two days been saying a lot of stuff like I'm happy aslong as we are together and stuff like that. When I dated her before I went on vacation she never said stuff like this. She may have thought it but never would say it. So some things are different which is why I'm thinking her best friend maybe right and that I am being played.


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  • If you want to make sense of a girl in ninth grade you will be contemplating for years. She's in ninth grade she doesn't know what the hell she wants feels or anything like that. Of course you being played but she doesn't even know she's playing you

    • Can you elaborate on how she doesn't know it?

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    • She likes you you are not being used. Stop listening to everyone around you.

    • Okay thank you so much for your help I really needed it

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  • Her best friend might be saying that stuff about your ex girlfriend because she might like you and is saying your girlfriend played you so you can leave her and your girlfriend friend can get you.


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  • No ur not being played

  • No it doesn't sound like ur being played